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We have 22 years experience with dance school photosBurlington. Whether you are out and about on your downtime or watching a movie, what you see and the way we see it will most likely differ than the people around you who don’t live photography everyday. Noticing how the light of a later sun illuminates a cityscape or how a director was able to capture your attention with only the use of light or lack there of, these are little idiosyncrasies can sometimes best describe the thought processes of a photographer.

Dance school photos Burlington and Commercial photography Burlington is growing every year.

We can shoot the same dancers on stage, the circumstances are always different. When shooting year end photos for a dance company your goals are a little different, you’re faced with shooting each subject in 1 to 2 minutes and the final image must be perfect. We do this with a tried and tested set and crew so that our clients are assured that the day is a success. You don’t need to be getting fancy with these shoots, considering the hundreds of parents expecting great results.

When we shoot the dancers on stage, the circumstances are different. We can express our creativity more than with the year end photos, but we are still bound by lighting and the confines of the theatre. The theatre does present us with some great opportunities to capture instances of a performer at their best. We see the art of the dance differently than the audience and this is our chance to share our insight and appreciation of the dancers and the studios that nurtured their craft. We are focusing on Dance school photos Burlington and Commercial photography Burlington.

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